Hello World

This is my second paragraph

I wanna see how fast i can type within the 5 minutes :D. There once was a boy named harry destined to be a star. His parents were killed by voldemort who gave him a lightning scare. The old shoemaker sat on top of shoemaker avenue and on the avenue there was another one and anotehr one and another one and another one and sanic the dank game over to smack humpty dumpy. Then Sean Selloria Sena came along and smashed them both. Then the flash came up to sean cena and smashed him. Flash vs Sean! Then Aldriech gives graves a... oh wait nevermind he can't have one. Because it has to be school approritate. Honestly I don't even know what i'tm typing about right now I just need 2 paragraphs so it is time to start a new one

This is my third paragraph

The writer's brains is in the hands said Mr. Stevens. Donald trump is a bad person but Hillary Clinton is pretty much just as bad. Why dosen't anyone vot for Gary Johnson or Jill stein or something like that. Seriously why do people vote for canidates without doing any type of research. People who vote for trump probably never payed attention to the speeches and seriously? Clinton? WHY! Clinton and her scandals and perjury. Why isn't she locked up in jail now? She is so inconsistent and corrupted. She supports fracking! Why!? That damages nearby water sources. She is lobbied by some fracking company. And then she wants to go to war with Syria and Russia! She is so incosistant and would say any type of crap to get elected. First she says shes against gay marraige. Then shes for it. First she wants to have a no fly zone in Syria. Now shes agaisnt it. She first said she wanted to save Syrians. Now she admits a no fly zone will kill Syrian. She will say anything to get elected! People who vote for her only know that 1. She is a "democrat" and 2. She is a woman. What the heck. And then theres Donald Trump! What!? What?! Why! Oh ny gosh Donald Trump. UGGGGG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. D: I don't like Trump and no one does. Even though Gary does not even know a single foreign leader thats better than Trump and Clinton Combined. And Jill is practically Bernie Sanders but better! Also Clinton rigged the Democratic Primary. Making it so that there are less voting stations where Bernie is more popular. RIGGED/TRIGGERED. Why don't more people vote Jill? There were so many Bernie Supporters but only a fraction of them are voting for Jill. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. The 2016 Election sucks. It sucks. We have people like me who barely does research on the candidates.