The pet that I long to have

A Dog

I want to have a dog Perferrably a fluffy one like oreo I'm probably not responsible enough to own a dog. Also I'm really lazy. I mean like I am willing to feed a dog three times a day but I'm not exactly sure about walking the dog. Especially picking up a dog's poop. Thats disgusting. I am not sure which exact breed I would want though. What do you call it when two dogs are made of bread? Purebread. That was not funny. How did they make a new dog? They bread. That was not funny either. Oh Maybe I should get a dog like doge. That dog is great. Also doge is a meme.

picture is broken

A fox

A fox would be cool too. I heard they are a mix between cats and dogs. I learned this from Facebook, which is not exactly the most trustworthy source ever.


The thing about Pandas is that im pretty sure that a normal civilian cannot own a panda legally . Also they are owned by china. However, they are great.


Guinea Pig!

GUINEA PIGS ARE SO SMALL AND CUTE they also do not need a large amount of work to take care of. Actually, they are quite easy to take care of.

I do not want a gorilla